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Frequently Asked Questions – Child Support

What do we have to pay?

Child support is based upon the income of both parties with some adjustments for other children, medical insurance and child care expenses.  If the father makes $X and mother makes $Y, the medical insurance premiums and childcare will be prorated between them and the computer will reflect the presumptive amount.  It is based upon the gross incomes (before taxes) of the parties and the Court does not usually consider routine expenses.  You are not going to convince a Judge that your car, rent, or credit card, should be paid before child support.

Well if we have 50/50 custody then there is no child support, right?

Wrong.  Remember that child support is a function of time AND income.  Equal time does not balance out a difference in income.  The larger income parent pays more per child than the lower income parent so when you balance out the time there may still be child support although at a reduced amount.

If I do not have the opportunity to or the other parent will not let me spend much time with the child, why should I have to pay child support?

Because it is still your child.  How the parents choose to act towards each other and the child is your choice but nonpayment of child support is not a valid option used by the Court.  Children don’t stop having needs just because you are not there.